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i_heart_gc's Journal

*gc fans til we die..*
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this community is for true good charlotte lovers. for people who love joel as much as billy, paul as much as benji and so on..

NOTE: this is an OPEN community. therefore you can join if you want.. i may make it a closed one later, but for now- it's an open one as long as you like good charlotte. if you make a post bashing them- you will automatically be kicked out of the community and banned from commenting.. also, if you're not a member and make one bad comment- you are banned from commenting on the community. :D

1) no bad comments.
2) no non-fan posting.
3) no fighting between the members.
4) post anything you want about gc, as long as it's positive.
5) if the entry is somewhat long- ljcut it.

yes, more rules will soon come as time progresses. but just have fun and be good. :)

maintainer: lj = encasexmyxheart
maintainer email: scarsnstars0@aol.com
maintainer aim: kc 4 gc always