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Title: Serial Charms: A Good Charlotte Romance

Rating: R

Summary: Lukkie C has loved Benji all her life ... what happens when her band finally tours with GC?

Lukkie C sat on her bed alone. She was crying. She was not crying for some stupid reason like civil unrest or any of that kinda crap. She was in love. Real love. The kind of love that happens between two people of opposite sex (omg not homos lol!). It was a pure love – not like the love between a heroic talking cat and an effeminate talking dog, but the kind of love between a 16 year old girl and a celebrity. It was pure and a bit melty, like 2 day old snow.
Lukkie’s crystalline tears splashed very sadly against the framed picture she held of her love. It was a beautiful scene, really. The kind of scene that people might write songs or poems or stories about (LOL GET IT?) Anyway, Lukkie cried and it was sad.
“Benji,” she said sadly, her voice was delicate like a champagne glass, “Why?”
The phone interrupted her. She picked it up and was determined to give the person on the other line a good talking to for interrupting her deep musings.
“Yes!?” she said exasperatedly.
“You’re thinking about him, aren’t you?”
It was Trixxx on the other line. She sounded very sadly. Trixxx always knew when Lukkie was thinking about her love.
A single tear from Lukkie’s left eye ran down her cheek (Lukkie’s cheek, not Trixxx’s hahahahaha sry pronouns can be confusing). She tried to hold back her sobs but couldn’t.
“Listen to me, Lux,” Trixxx said seriously, “The love you have with Benji is beautyful and pure, oks? Don’t let anyone else tell you different. Don’t ever let go. No matter how hopeless. Promise me, Lukkie,”
“I promise,” Lukkie said, “I’ll never let go trixxx.”
“Besides, you will totally be hyped when i tell you where we are going,” Trixxx said excitedly.
“YES? YES WHERE OMG?” Lukkie said.
TO WARPED TOUR!!!!!!” Trixxx yelled, “My mom bought tickets!”
“OMG STFU U BICH!” lukkie screamed.
“No seriously,” Trixxx said, “We are going. And it is there that you will meet your true love.”
Lukkie’s tears immediately turned to tears of joy. Her whole life suddenly felt like the most beautiful of movies.
“I will pick you up tomorrow,” Trixxx said.
“Ok awesome,” lukkie said hanging up the phone.
Lukkie fell back onto her super soft pills and smiled. Tomorrow her love would finally know her feelings. He would finally realize he was hers.

The next day, Lukkie got ready in her punkiest of clothes. She put on her Vans skater shoes, her red plaid bondage pants, and her torn Good Charlotte shirt. She looked so punk rawk she thought maybe angels were crying.
Soon, Trixxx was knocking at Lukkie’s door.
“Coming Trixxx!” Lukkie said, although Trixxx could not hear her cause she was outside.
Lukkie runned through the house excitedly. She tried to hide the giggles that burst from her mouth but couldn’t. She was too excited. She quickly made a peanut butter and ham sandwich (she was trying to go vegetarian slowly, I mean those amnals are so mistreated) and then ran out the door.
Trixxx looked so punk rawk that Lukkie was almost jealous (but she wasn’t because the Luxster is so much above that stfu). Lukkie congradualted the trixxx on her punk rockity. They both giggled and ran to Trixxx’s car.
They listened to lots of punk rawk songs on the way, like “Punk Rawk Show”, “My Friends Over You” and (Lukkie’s favorite) “Little Things”.
Soon they arrived at the Deer Crik Music Center. It was lovely – the way Lukkie always imagined it would be. She felt her tummy flutter as she realized her love waited for her inside.
“Come on, Trixxx!” Lukkie yelled, running to the gates, “Let’s rox0r!”


Lukkie jumped up and down and sang along with Anti-Flag as she moshed with no one but herself. She felt free, like a grain of pollen on the breeze (she was often causing people to get runny noses and such). Pretty soon the song was over.
Lukkie felt tears well up in her eyes. Her lover, Benji, would soon take the stage with his cronies.
Trixxx ran up behind her. “OMGZ have u seen him yet?!” Trixxx asked.
Lukkie felt tears well up in her eyes, “No. It’s just the roadies.”
“Srsly don’t cry,” Trixxx said, taking her ailing and sexy friend into her arms. Lukkie cried into Trixxx’s soft chest, enyoing the feel of her friend’s strong arms around her body. It wasn’t like she was gay or anything, but she just felt like she could die in Trixxx’s soft embrace. It was like she just wanted to be a ringworm and burrow beneath Trixxx’s sweet skin – right in between her perky love pillows over her heart (LOLZ they aren’t faggort or nothing GAWD!)
“Look!” Trixxx said, pointing to the stage, “It’s the Benj-meister!”
“BENJ-MEISTER?!” Lukkie said astonishedly. She turned her head to the stage all slow motion like. It was just like an anime where the sexy herione turns slowly with tears in her eyes and the little teardrops scatter on the wind and glisten in the sunlight. It was beautyful like that. Lukkie’s life was always beautiful (Unlike Trixxx’s because Trixxx did not have a pure celebrity love like Lukkie).
Lukkie swore Benji looked at her and made eye contact.
“OMG trixxx did you see that? The benj and I had a moment!”
“AHhhhHhhhH!!!” Trixxx screamed jumping up and down.
Soon good charlotte began to play. Lukkie swore every song was about her. She knew it had to have been, because benji kept looking at her as he sang backup vocals. It was like they were meant for each other. Tears streamed down lukkie’s face as she sang along with her favorite band.
Pretty soon the set was over.
“We have to meet them!” Lukkie screamed.
“We will later, I’m sure,” Trixxx said, “It’s destrined to be. Let’s go watch the Ataris now.”
“Okie-dokie artichokie,” Lukkie said, bounding after Trixxx.
Soon the sun was setting very gracefully behind the horizon. Lukkie sighed, forgetting for a moment that the sun was nothing more than a huge ball of burning gas. To her, the sun was like her life – slowly sinking down to the depths of hell.
They hadn’t met a single member of good charlotte the entire day. Lukkie was getting hopeless.
“What’s your name?” Kris Roe smiled down at lukkie lovingly.
“Lukkie,” she responded sadly.
Kris’s eyes softened, “You’re in love with him, aren’t you?” he asked softly.
Lukkie’s eyes lit up, “How did you know?” she asked.
Kris smiled through burning tears (he really did love Lukkie a lot but he loved her so much he could let her go) “I can see your love for Benji in your eyes.” He said, brushing the tears off her cheeks. Even trixxx was crying as she watched the beautiful scene unfold.
Kris pulled lukkie into his arms and gave her a soft kiss in the forehead before letting her go. Lukkie and Trixxx made their way dejectedly to the car.
All of a sudden, Lukkie caught the faint scent of Doritos and hair gel on the wind.
“Benji?” She whispered.
Lukkie turned just in time to see a blob of black and pink blur past her eyes.
“Benji,” she whispered as she fainted gracefully.

Five Years Later...
Lukkie sighed as she set the microphone back on its stand. She turned to face her bandmates (who were so not as pretty as the red haired vixen).
“Well?” she asked.
“This is sux0r,” Kix said, kicking her amp, “we are never going to get anywhere like this.”
Lukkie quickly pulled a switchblade out of her pocket. She held it against Kix’s throat, “Don’t you EVER say that!!!!” Lukkie screamed, tears streaming down her face, “we are going to make it! We are going to make it and I – ”
All of a sudden, the phone rang. Lukkie closed the switchblade and put it in her pocket (afterall, lukkie doesn’t run with sharp objects in her hands) and ran to answer the phone.
“BENJI!?” she asked excitedly, “Oh. Hi, Nell...”
It was the Serial Charms manager. The only one of the girls who looked killer in a wool soot. I mean really killer. This chick was HAWTT. Anyway...
“Uh huh...uh huh...OMFG!!!!!!!!” Lukkie screamed, “No way!! NO WAY!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”
“What is it?” Trixxx piped up, “Did she get us a gig?”
“No!” Lukkie shouted, covering the reciever with her hand, “Mr. Fluffers is PREGNANT!”
“Mr. Fluffers is a teddy bear,” Snap said angrily.
Lukkie ignored her and turned her attention back to the phone, “Yeah? Ok, Nell, thanks for calling...yeah, we will all be sure to attend the shower. Bye.”
Lukkie hung up the phone and smiled, “Isn’t it beautiful? No one ever suspected Mr. Fluffers and Aunt Jemima to settle down together...but they did...they really did...” Lukkie said, wiping a tear from her eye. Trix was crying too, and so was Kix, but Snap wasn’t because she is a cynical bitch.
“Anyway,” Lukkie said, coming out of her reverie, “Are we ready to start again?”
“Yeah,” Trixxx piped up, “Let’s start with – ”
The phone rang again and Lucky was quickj to answer it (i mean she was standing right buy it u FAGGORTS! LOL!)
“BENJI!?” she screamed, “Oh...hi Nell... What? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? I MEAN FUCK A DONKEY SERIOUS?! No way...OMGOMGOMG NO WAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUTTA TOWN! PACK YOUR BAGS, GET FLY ATA TO ARUBA, AND GET OUT OF TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lukkie screamed.
The rest of the Serial Charms girls looked at each other in silence while Lukkie jumped around like a sweet little bunny with a white cotton tail (although she didn’t have a white cotton tail, it is called a similie, GAWD).
“Yeah. I totally understand. No, you are the best. Bye nell!” Lukkie said excitedly as she hanged up the phone.
“Let me guess...” Snap sighed, “Mr. Fluffers gave birth?”
“Gawd NO u moron! Lukkied yelled, “His waters broke.” she said tossing her hair.
“That’s it? Nell didn’t have anything else to say?”
Lukkie thought deeply for a moment (she is always doing that, thinking deep within herself), “Oh yeah. We are supposed to go on tour with Good Charlotte tomorrow.”

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