April 25th, 2006



Are you going to be a part of one of the largest student-led actions in American history? I WILL!

Join me and take a stand against anti-LGBT name-calling and harassment in America's schools!

Simply register online at StudentOrganizing.org and then download all the awesome resources from DayofSilence.org. It's EASY and FREE! Once registered you can even see all the other Day of Silence events going on in your school district or state!

visit dayofsilence.org!

Once you've registered, get the HTML to share this same thing with ALL YOUR FRIENDS online at StudentOrganizing.org!

Hey, everyone! It would be great if everyone posted this in their own journals and communities to get the word out asap. DAY OF SILENCE is tomorrow! Thanks in advance!

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I know this doesn't relate to GC, but I didn't see anything banning off-topic posts, and I figured fellow GC lovers would want to hear about this cause.

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