December 24th, 2002


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WoOhOo GC rocks my socks hardkore. i met them in november with my best friend Kim. *yay* i have a pic w/ mee n benji and my friend has a pic with her n benji n her n billy *go us!*
My daddy bought mee a GC checkbook kover and im getting the pillow kase *DORK!*
that is all.
Merry Christmas eve. or happy holidays!
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    Good Charlotte

:) stole this from my own community member.

hah, sorry.. but i had to! :D

gc survey

1. fav member of gc?
benji, joel, billy, paul.. you don't think i could pick just one do you!?

2. fav. song?
from "good charlotte" it would be change. from "the young and the hopeless" it'd be.. hmm.. hold on.. oo, or bloody valentine. i like them all really

3. which cd you like better,"good charlotte" or "lifestyles of the rich & famous"?
:) "good charlotte" and *"the young and the hopeless"* hah.

4. when did you start listening to gc?
when they first started doing shows. not big concerts- shows. my cousin johnny got me hooked. he's in a band and he was in the area for one of their first shows. :D nifty. i've practically been a fan from the start. and that was a long time ago..

EEP. i'll post my favorite pictures later.
i hope you guys have a merry christmas. :D